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Our Home Energy provides the Kildeer area with professional energy audit services. A lot of homeowners don't understand just how much a home energy audit could help them to cut back on their utility bills each month. Have you ever wondered just how much energy you and your family use on a daily basis? Or have you ever worried that there may be areas of energy loss in your home around windows, doors, or through the attic? All of your questions will be answered when a professional home energy auditor from Our Home Energy comes to your Kildeer home to complete a thorough inspection. We will perform a series of tests, including a blower door test, humidity tests, and thermal imaging to locate areas of energy loss in your home. We will also work one-on-one with you to figure out just how much energy your home and family use. We will then help you to improve the energy efficiency of your property with new home insulation, replacement windows and doors, brand new air conditioners and furnaces, and so on. Learn more about about energy audits in Kildeer.  Call us today at 1-855-468-6687.

Energy Auditors in 60010

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All of our seasoned energy auditors at Our Home Energy have been thoroughly trained in the most appropriate and effective way to go about examining all areas of a Kildeer home. All appliances in your home which make use of energy can be monitored to figure out how much power is used. We will also look for areas where there could be energy loss both on the inside and outside of your home (i.e. around windows, doors, through walls, through the floor, and so on). We can also test to make sure that there aren't any hazardous chemicals in your home, such as carbon monoxide - which can be deadly.

Once the thorough energy audit is completed, we will sit down with you and tell you about any information we have found. If it's time for replacement windows or doors to be installed, we will let you know. Maybe you need a new, more efficient AC unit or a water heater which will run on less energy. You can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind. This means that we won't tell you that you need a brand new furnace, for example, if you really don't need one. Our Home Energy's goal is to help Kildeer area homeowners with saving energy, and thus, saving money.

Saving Energy in Kildeer

There are a lot of Kildeer homeowners who want to find out how they can go about saving energy. There are numerous things you can do, like: turning off lights when you're not in a room, switching off the TV or radio when you're no longer using them, doing as few loads of laundry as you can, making use of energy efficient light bulbs, etc. However, the best way to go about saving energy is to have an energy audit performed on your home. These investigations will allow us to easily locate areas of energy loss and relay them to you. We guarantee that with our help, you'll be able to spend much much less each month on your energy bills!

To make an appointment for a home energy audit in Kildeer, or to speak to one of our employees, please complete our contact form or give us a call at 1-855-468-6687. Our Home Energy is a family-owned and operated business, and we've been helping homeowners in the Kildeer community since 1998. You can rest assured that when you're working with us, you're working with knowledgeable, courteous professionals.

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